Peer Support Specialist (PRSS)

What is the difference between a non-certified Peer and an IC&RC Certified Peer?

While non-certified and IC&RC Certified Peers both use lived experience to guide individuals through the recovery process, only IC&RC Certified Peers are equipped with a scope of practice and peer core competencies. They are bound by ethical guidelines which protect the Peer, the individual, and the public. In addition, IC&RC Certified Peers are required to:

  • Participate in peer specific training in the competency areas of:
    • Advocacy
    • Recovery and Wellness
    • Mentoring and Education
    • Ethical Responsibility
  • Apply for certification through a formal application process
  • Sign and adhere to a peer-specific code of ethics
  • Take and pass the IC&RC Peer Recovery examination
  • Pursue continuing education credits to stay current on emerging trends and best practices